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  • borosilicate glass and Neutral glass Sep , 29 2020
    Our glass bottles are manufactured in Type I glass, which is known as borosilicate glass or neutral glass. They are guaranteed BPA free and without risk of migration (phtalates, sulphide). Borosilicate glass has a low coefficient of expansion which strengthens its resistance to thermal and mechanical shock. Compared to soda-lime glass, borosilicate glass has a much higher resistance. It ...

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  • borosilicate glass bottle
  • Neutral glass bottle
  • borosilicate glass baby bottles
  • Introduce Special Borosilicate Glass Baby Feeding Bottle Jun , 29 2020
    Our borosilicate glass baby feeding bottleOur baby feeding bottle is made by high quality borosilicate glass, which can be used for hot or cold water. Since borosilicate glass doesn't contain any chemical substances. Even it use for store hot liquids, you don't need to worry about the releasing harmful toxins into to the water to damage babies' health. The bottle is more durable than o...

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  • Glass baby feeding bottle
  • Borosilicate glass bottle
  • baby feeding bottle
  • Glass Pharmaceutical Bottles May , 25 2020
    Glass Pharmaceutical BottlesWe normally do 2 colors for pharmaceutical bottles. One is clear and the other is amber. Materials are soda lime and borosilicate.Amber BottlesAmber bottles are available for tablets,injection,cosmetics and some other laboratory using.  Due to its amber surface, it's the best packaging material for the liquid or medicine that need to be storaged away from UV.Cl...

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  • Glass Pharmaceutical Bottles
  • Amber Glass Pharmaceutical Bottles
  • Clear glass bottles
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